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Having attended a lecture that brought me in touch with the world of Wikis and the Web 2.0 I decided that to stay relevant as an Educator and Counselor I needed to become more up to speed with these new products and technologies. With the apparent increase of teachers (and many others) using blogs and wikis, and students networking and utilizing online tools, the demand for their use in the world of academics is clearly on a sharp rise. As I began to explore what I thought was relevant I realized that it would be beneficial if I was able to organize the abundance of online products and services that I see and help students, teachers and administrators all at the same time!! What follows on these pages is a compilation of Web 2.0 products, Wiki and Blog sites, and links to useful tools that I have explored and seen recommended by well respected educators in the field. I intend this site to be one that grows as my knowledge base grows, and as new and cutting edge tools, applications and ideas become available. In order to remain relevant as an educator and able to "connect" with other students, teachers and administrators I believe it is essential to stay abreast of these changes. Educators and schools need to collectively shift their practice to reflect the nature of the ........

21st Century Networked Teacher

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The Networked Student

also understands the academic advantages of networking.

We Had Better Get On Board The Train Before It Leaves The Station !!!!!

“Can you IM that to the virtual whiteboard?”, says a teacher. A parent talks to his child, “I looked at your grades online today. You did great on your project and your keeping your average aboe 90 ....awesome!!" “There’s a virtual dissection in science class tomorrow,” one student said to another holding a mobile device. "Class please take out your laptops and open to ........"
The possibilities are amazing and seem almost limitless. Can “School 2.0” actually happen? Maybe not all of it, but perhaps some elements. For example: viewing student progress reports online, submitting permission slips online, completing homework assignments and taking quizzes and tests online, and receiving class documents and files. This is already happening now !!

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